IDA brings peace to distressed souls ...

Alternative care for the vulnerable children

There are more than 3000 children from 2076 households in our operational area who are vulnerable to abuses and hardships of life. They are deprived of basic education, nutritious food and emotional stability necessary to lead a normal life and grow into a productive citizen. The support system comes from a stable family. Unfortunately, fast changing lifestyles and breaking down of social fabric due to advent of mining culture is eroding the safety net. Many parents are migrating leaving their children are behind. Single parents are finding it difficult to provide for their children. Many terminally ill parents and families who have lost their livelihood can’t do justice to their parental duty.
IDA intervened and created a security umbrella of foster parents/family care givers who are equipped to offer children security, let them grow up as normal human and can provide appropriate care. Foster/kinship families and vulnerable families receive support in obtaining an income for the whole family and for taking care of the foster children. Entrepreneurship training to foster families to create a alternative livelihood so that they can take care of children better. Foster families receive parenting training and counselling to do the role of parents better. More than 2000 children have received the support under the project and leading a better life with improved security, emotional stability and engaged in study.