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home for senior citizens

SPACE for Elders/Senior Citizens Anandashram (A home for Senior Citizens)

The Old Age Home and the Schools are two unique initiatives of IDA. Anandashrama Old Age Home is the first and flagship programme of IDA. This Old Age Home and the Sai Ananda Schools are an integral part of our myriad activities. The Ashrama gives special emphasis to old age persons, both women and men, who are from the economically poor families and do not get adequate support from their immediate families, neighbours, and society at large. The Ashram is located inside the campus of the organization and lets the tenants of the ashram mix and interact with a range of people: young children, energetic young fellows to old intellectuals with whom they can share their emotions. The presence of a cross section of people around them day and night provides them enough hustle and bustle to forget their loneliness and get involved in various activities. The caretaker team is trained in handling the physical and mental requirements of the aged persons. 

The commitment of the young girls in taking utmost care of the inmates has created an exceptionally good ambience where old persons enjoy themselves. A panel of doctors visits the ashram at regular intervals to check the body vitals of the inmates and monitor their health status. The campus houses children who stay in the school hostel. The ashram management has promoted a unique and interesting concept of Grand Parenting where the children staying in the hostel are attached to specific senior citizens as grandparents and grandchildren. The grandparents are entrusted with the responsibility of looking after those children as grandparents. Conversely, the children to treat the inmates as their grandparents.
Background of “ANANDASHRAM”:

The IDA family started nurturing and nourishing destitute and helpless elderly people across the district of Kendujhar and in the process extended to entire country.

Inception of ANANDASHRAM:

IDA had to come across piles of toils and turmoil to survive its home for the indigent senior citizens in several thatched houses with personal and public contributions.

Objectives of the OAH (ANANDASHRAM):

Aimed at instilling a sense of love and pride for elderly life, Joyful learning and living of the aged and Promotion of the concept of healthy ageing.

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