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Health and Hygiene Awareness Campaign


Prevention of Occupational and Contagious Diseases Rampant cases of occupational diseases like Respiratory disorders, Silicosis, T.B., Manganese poisoning, Pneumoconiosis, cancer of lungs and skin problem are found among the community members engaged in mining activities. Contaminated surface and even ground water leads to water related diseases. Malaria is widely prevalent in the mining areas as the abandoned mines have stored stagnant water encouraging mosquito breeding. The air is highly polluted for inhalation due to non-stop dumping and transport activities of dusty mineral rich stones. With several mines set to shut down in the next few years, working as daily labourer in the hazardous mining activities is no more a secure, dependable, sustainable and long term livelihood option. IDA is committed to address this ever-increasing issue through campaigning, linkage with Government agencies, and community awareness along with preventive measures as best practices in mines and adjacent areas. We have reached out to 15000 families through this intervention and intend to focus even more on this area in future. The presence of a large floating population and – most importantly – more than 1, 00, 000 truckers in the area combined with the mining culture have escalated the cases of HIV/AIDs and STDs. The young tribal girls are sexually exploited and catch these dreaded diseases due to unsafe sexual practices and unhygienic living conditions. This spreads to the community through these young girls/women. As per an estimate, more than 267 such cases have been identified. In the area. IDA has made a methodical intervention to counter this situation through a project called APSHRA, (Appropriate Prevention of STI/RTI/HIV&AIDS’ in Keonjhar District of Odisha). The focus is on improving the knowledge base, bringing a change in the attitude & risk behavior of the target population on STI/RTI/HIV/AIDS and reducing stigma & discrimination in the community. We have reached out to 540 victims and vulnerable members of the community leading to cure, management of cases and, most importantly, developing a shield of prevention based on sound understanding on the taboo topic

Training on CBOs / SHGs:

SL No Name of the Training
1 Group Management Training
2 Record keeping training to SHGs & Producer Groups
3 Sustainability & Management training to SHGs, Producer group & Village Child Protection Committee
4 Specific Trade Training
4 Capacity building on improved Goat & BYP rearing
4 Training on organic liquid manures and repellents/organic pesticides/NPM
5 Training to Prani Mitra, Udyoga Mitra, Udyoga Mitra on their role & responsibility
6 Training to Prani Mitra, Udyoga Mitra, Udyoga Mitra on their role & responsibility
7 Processing of Millet
8 Kitchen Garden development
9 Training on promotion of Horticulture & Agriculture
4 Training on sorting, grading, value addition and marketing
10 Training on natural resource management
11 Training on important Govt schemes and their convergence modalities
12 Workshop on various social security schemes with Care Giver Association & Govt. Stakeholders
13 Family convention for case conferencing with Line department (Interface)
14 Parenting skills support/training to Care Givers
15 Training to Care Giver Association on preparation of community level advocacy plan for accessing various schemes and entitlements and fighting against child labour and child marriage
16 Training to VCPC and PLCPC members on Child Marriage & Child Labour
17 Training to Care Giver Association on preparation of community level advocacy plan for accessing various schemes and entitlements and fighting against child labour and child marriage

Health and Hygiene Awareness Campaign:

 Ensuring a healthy life is one of IDA’s core areas of intervention. We regularly organise health camps, especially for children, adolescent girls, and women, in our project areas for the unreached communities.

Advocacy and Campaigns:

IEC Campaign on WASH: School programs, GP level campaigns, WASH Raths, village sanitation drives, observation of world sanitation day, etc were organized under this program.  Family Convention: Interfaces were organized annually with families and stakeholders on different issues to address their problems. The idea behind this program was to solve the problems of the vulnerable persons facing different problems in their lives.  Child Club Activities: We have 25 child clubs, which organize child conventions, child agency, street play etc on issues like eradication of child marriage/labour, school dropout that affect their lives.  Awareness Campaign on HIV-AIDS: a mega program was organized in northern part of Odisha covering Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Debgarh, Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur and Sundargarh.

Couselling & distributing on using of Mask

The peer educator demostrating on hand wash Counselling to the children on personal hygine

Study and Research:

These are some of the studies conducted by IDA in different locations of Odisha.  KABP Study on HIV/AIDs,Socio Economic Survey, Socio-Cultural, Resource mapping & Infrastructural Survey and Rehabilitation & Resettlement of Kanupur Irrigation project. 8  Research study report on situational analysis of nutrition and livelihood status of vulnerable families in Keonjhar District of Odisha  Individual Care Plan, Home Study Report & Standard Care of Child Care Institutions.  Education Watch, Study on Kinship Care, Health status survey of mining affected people of Keonjhar Dist., Odisha,  Village survey of Mission Smart Village.

Cleaning of Village Forest with Forest Dept. & Volunteers Free Ambulance service for COVID positives