IDA brings peace to distressed souls ...

Caring the Aged, neglected by the families


IDA had to come across piles of toils and turmoil to survive its home for the indigent senior citizens in several thatched houses with personal and public contributions. For the founders and the elderly as well, this was a mission to open the door of a sweet home away from the parental home, where a heart lies behind.
This perilous experience of thatched houses, lying besides the drainage and economic uncertainty continued for a long decade towards struggle for existence. In this juncture, the Kendujhar district administration acknowledged the noble work of IDA, and as a token of help, released an amount of Rs. 50,000/- from untied fund of DRDA towards constructing a tile-roofing house at Banajodi-Keonjhar.
Objectives of the OAH (ANANDASHRAM): 
1. Set amongst Natural surroundings and rural ambience and steeped in Gandhi’s philosophy of simplicity, self-sufficiency and spiritual values.
2. Aimed at instilling a sense of love and pride for elderly life.
3. Joyful learning and living of the aged.
4. Strengthening of primary health care system to enable it to meet the health care needs of older persons .
5. Promotion of the concept of healthy ageing.
6. To engage them in recreational and other suitable activities.
7. To ensure their citizenship rights through welfare schemes.
8. Promoting grand parenting in the campus.

Yoga, Meditation, physiotherapy, and Counselling

To make the life of the inmates healthy and enjoyable, different programs like yoga, counselling, other age appropriate socio-economic activities are also carried out to reduce their psychological pressure or pain they have experienced in their past. Case specific counselling is done by experienced counsellors keeping proper track and following schedules with due attention to the inmates for mental care and peace.

Story of Saban Majhi who lives in Anandashrama

IDA is following Universal Declaration of Human Rights as guiding principle to serve the senior citizens through this old age home program following all legal norms as prescribed for the program. It is the only NGO managed old age home functioning in this region working with ideology of “Manaba seba Hi Madhaba Seba” (“Service to mankind is service to God”). Know more about Anandashram