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future dreams

Our future dreams and aspirations:

With our long journey since three decades, staying with the community, working for them; we have realized that village as a unit is the major building block of rural economy and socio-cultural fabric. We should put enough effort at village level to bring a significant improvement. This transformation must be from within rather than external influence which can only play an enabling and stimulating role. Village youths within the community must come forward and invest their energy in influencing the rural environment. The aspiration of people needs to be leveraged and prospects ought to be explored to ensure holistic development in our villages.
The emerging concept of Smart Villages refers to rural areas and communities which build on their existing strengths and assets as well as on developing new opportunities. In Smart Villages traditional and new services are enhanced by means of digital technologies, innovations and the better use of knowledge, for the benefit of inhabitants and businesses. These interventions will not only enhance the quality of life, but also ensure higher standard of services for citizens, better use of resources, less impact on the environment, and new openings for rural value chains in terms of products and improved processes. Technology is important as are of investments in infrastructure, business development, human capital, capacity and community building.
In our Mission, a Smart Village would typically pay attention to e-literacy skills, access to e-health and other basic services, innovative solutions for environmental concerns, circular economy application to agricultural waste, promotion of local products supported by technology, implementing and taking full benefit of smart specialization in Agri-food projects and socio-cultural activities.

IDA aim at developing 1000 SMART villages in Kendujhar district in next 10 years.