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Education, Health for Children and Adolescent Girls

Ensuring healthy life is one of IDA’s core domain. Regularly we organised health camps, especially for children, adolescent girls and women in our project areas for the unreached communities. A group of schools i:e SAI ANAND GROUP OF SCHOOLS which is a special initiative to provide quality and joyful learning for rural and vulnerable children under GRAND PARENTING CONCEPT is a piloting effort of IDA . It is a residential cum day boarding school. Children are provided with life skill education like :
Agro based organic farming education
Music and dance, etc.
240 children are coming from different villages and there is a option for CBSE education and State board education. 21 teachers are working with 8 non-teaching staffs. The parentless and vulnerable children are studying free of cost. Children achieved in Olympiads, science exhibitions and debate and participated in taekwondo and karate competition at state level. The school got the National award for Improving Quality Education through Zero Investment Innovations from Human Resource Development ,Government of India Presented by the Honorable minister HRD at IIT, New Delhi on 1st March 2020.COVID-19 : Due to the Covid-19 school was closed and the class conducted online .

A girl named Sibani Munda aged about 17 years at present studying in 10th standard to nearest government high school, after facing a lot of issues.
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The IDA-ANANDASHRAM conducts regular fortnightly health check up of the residents by the doctor. A residential ANM and three health worker along with a counselor provide round the clock health check up and necessary diagnostic and medication and other health related services for the elderly. Regular BP, diabetics, weight, pulse rate etc. are monitored and checked by the ANM on a weekly basis. Besides this, the residents are also taken to district hospitals and CHCs by ambulance in case of emergencies and chronic health problems.
For minor ailments the IDA-ANANDASHRAM para-medical staffs are trained to handle the situation with support from health professionals. ANANDASRAM as part of mobilizing government resources has got health cards, health insurance to avail government health benefits for the residents. We have successfully achieved the goodwill of a few corporate hospitals like Apollo and Kalinga hospitals who voluntarily provide health services particularly eye treatment services namely from Bhumika eye hospital and LV Prasad eye institute.
A Case Study on the Effectiveness of IDA-Health Care(Anandashram) Services for Jadumani Gop
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